Securenet is world leading access control ,today’s ever-demanding security challenges faced by the different stakeholders of various diverse industries cannot be simply addressed with the standard off-the-shelf surveillance cameras and intruder detection systems. There arises the need for an integrated platform to provide seamless convergence of multiple technologies of video surveillance, card access, intruder detection, guard tour, under vehicle scanners, delay systems and visitor management. SecurNet in its 7th product development iteration is designed specifically for this purpose.

SecurNet is deployed in various key installations namely government buildings, healthcare institutions, military complexes, commercial establishment, transportation hubs, corrective and education institutions.

Used extensively around the world, SecurNet provides total security protection for key installations, critical infrastructures and strategic assets on an integrated command and control platform.

With its powerful kernel and database management capability, SecurNet offers a features rich integrated security management system for personnel access, alarm reporting/notification, graphical information display, and situational event control.