BlueTel X80

BlueTel X80 Series Integrated IPPBX Platform

BlueTel X80 Integrated IPPBX Platform is a full-featured IP telephony solution designed for small and medium sized organizations moving to a Voice over IP (VoIP) architecture. Its ease of use allows non-technical personnel to make individual or system-wide changes with the click of a mouse or phone keys.

X80 series ability to scale up to 200 devices and to support standards-based protocols, including Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), provide invest protect for enterprises for current and future telecom needs. With a built-in flexible and optional gateway interface, the platform can connect up to 1-4/8 analog loop-start central office (CO) lines or 1E1 digital interface cables directly to PSTN, reducing configuration time and its related expense.

To increase productivity and reduce operating costs, the solution also features a host of integrated applications, including voice messaging that provides a voice mailbox with auto-setup for every user, call center software that enhances the efficiency of agents in a queue, as well as easy to set-up hunt groups, auto-attendant, supervisory monitoring, phone book management and call recording. For telephone conference feature, it supports up to 32 terminals in one conference room.

X80 series provide the choice of doing respective configuration for different terminals from central web management system– Browser-based Bluetel NetSet.


  • Friendly Web Management
  • Plug and Pay and Auto Configuration
  • FXS/FXO/E1 Supported
  • IP Phone/Gateway/Softphone
  • Voice Mail(Option)/Follow Me
  • Call Center supported
  • Built-In Automatic Call Distribution
  • Voice Conference
  • Conference based on Web Control and CRM
  • Reception Assistance
  • Call Recording(Option)
  • Browser-based Bluetel NetSet
  • Click-Dialing Enterprise Phone Book

Key Benefits

Protect Investment with Multiple Protocol Support:

The platform can communicate with third-party SIP-compliant devices and applications. Bluetel’s goal of ensuring its customers access to continuously evolving telecom standards, maximizes functionality and the return on investment from Bluetel solutions.

Enable Business Applications with SIP:

SIP support unlocks access to advanced software that optimizes the productivity-enhancing benefits of VoIP technology and facilitates employee communications with collaborative tools such as IP Messaging, IP Conferencing applications, Call recording.

Increase Productivity with Built-In Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

Call center hotline, help desk and telesales staff work more efficiently with Bluetel ACD software included in the X80 platform. Two agent licenses are packaged with each platform and additional licenses are available with key-code activation. Supervisors obtain real-time, up-to-the-minute vital statistics on call center performance via voice monitoring or on their computer screens with PC-based software.

Easy IP Telephony System Implementation—Plug and Play:

Standards-based design, including support for switched IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), facilitates seamless integration with existing network infrastructure. The web-based Bluetel NetSet management utility, hosted by the X80 platform, provides intuitive system configuration that lets organizations avoid the need to train personnel in using command line interfaces or new programming languages.

Multi-Functional Device—All in One:

BlueTel X80 platform has powerful IP function, such as dual-dial router, DHCP server, traffic analysis for organizations to manage their office network effectively.

Cost-Effectively Expand To Meet Evolving Needs:

Organizations can boost capacity or add functionality with practical key coded software upgrades that let them align their needs and budget. With cost-saving incremental licensing, they can scale their X80 system up to 1000 devices.

Create a Seamless Multiple Voice Network:

Bluetel X80 solutions connect not only branch sites to corporate offices, but also remote and home office workers to their main office convergence services.

Call Conference based on Web Control:

X80 supports call conference managed by Web interface, which simplified the call conference control and management. By web interface, the call conference organizer can start and manage the call conference. Also the organizer can operate and monitor the call conference in real time. The web interface also provides the functions of prohibiting speech; terminating certain conference member, and status monitor.

Reception Assistance Software:

X80 provides Web based Enterprise Reception Assistance Software. It shows extension status that registered to X80. It shows on line, busy, off line status, which gives enough information to reception operation.

Click-Dialing Enterprise Phone Book:

X80 provides unified Enterprise Phone book function. The enterprise maintains the phone book. Besides, the Phone book has Click-Dialing function. The end user will call the number by clicking the Phone Book.

Feature Highlights

  • Support for traditional voice and multimedia communications.
  • Embedded applications including voice messaging, auto-attendant, and call center software.
  • Interoperability with SIP-compliant devices, applications and endpoints.
  • Browser-based Bluetel NetSet management tool to ease system setup and maintenance.
  • Management options that include SYSLOG, Bluetel Multisite Backup Tool and Bluetel Dial Plan Editor.
  • Inclusion of 10 phone licenses with base system purchase.
  • Multilingual Bluetel NetSet end-user support.
  • Reception Assistance Software.
  • Click-Dialing Enterprise Phone Book.
  • Call Conference based on Web Control.


Item  X80-A8  X80-E1A4 
System Capacity   System Capacity 
FXS  Max.8  Max.4 
FXO  Max.8  Max.4 
E1/PRI  N/A 
SIP Trunk  20  20 
IP Phones/users  200  200 
Concurrent calls  25  25 
  Network Ports 
WAN  1*100/10M  1*100/10M 
LAN  1*100/10M  1*100/10M 
SIP  RFC3261   RFC2327  RFC3261   RFC2327 
Codec  G.711, G.729a/b, ADPCM, G.723 
network  802.1d, 802.1p, 802.1q, 802.2, 802.3af, 802.11, IP, IP-ToS, DiffServ, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE 
Follow me  YES  YES 
Voice conference  YES  YES 
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)  YES  YES 
Voice mail(Option)  YES  YES 
FAX  T.38, T.30  T.38, T.30 
Call park  YES  YES 
Call log  YES  YES 
Intelligent routing selection  YES  YES 
Dial rules  YES  YES 
Incoming call dial out authentication  YES  YES 
Call conference  18 users, support multi conference rooms  18 users, support multi conference rooms 
voice messaging  YES  YES 
auto-attendant  YES  YES 
Enterprise phone book*  YES  YES 
Enterprise billing  YES  YES 
CDR(Call Detail Record)  YES  YES 
Reception Assistance  YES  YES 
telnet  YES  YES 
Web  Bluetel NetSet management  Bluetel NetSet management 
Language  English  English 
Dimension(w*d*h)  305*132*36  305*132*36 
Packet  375*285*60  375*285*60 
Weight  2kg  2kg 
Power(AC Adapter)  (In)100-240VAC,(Out)12V /2A  (In)100-240VAC,(Out)12V /2A 
Power Consumption  24W  24W 
Operating temperature  0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)  0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F) 
Storage temperature  -40° to +70°C (- 40° to +158°F)  -40° to +70°C (- 40° to +158°F) 
Humidity  5 to 85% non-condensing  5 to 85% non-condensing 
X80-A8  X80-A8 IPPBX device, support up to 200 users, SIP supported, 200 user license, and can support Max. 8 Analog ports. Default without any analog module. AC power. It can support max.4 pcs of the following modules: XM-2FXS XM-2FXO XM-1FXO1FXS  
X80-E1A4  X80-E1A4 IPPBX device, support up to 200 users, SIP supported, 200 user license, and can support Max. 4 Analog ports and 1 E1 port. Default with 1E1 port, 0 Analog port. AC power. It can support max.4 pcs of the following modules: XM-1FXS XM-1FXO  
  Modules and Optional Hardware 
XM-1FXS  Module designed for X80-E1A4, with 1FXS ports 
XM-1FXO  Module designed for X80-E1A4, with 1FXO ports 
XM-2FXS  Module designed for X80-A8, X100A, X200, with 2FXS ports 
XM-2FXO  Module designed for X80-A8, X100A, X200, with 2FXO ports 
XM-1FXO1FXS  Module designed for X80-A8, X100A, X200, with1FXO ports+1FXS ports