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The Data Center Evolution: How to Overcome its cabling challenges

Technology inside the data center is changing. But before we spend time discussing how, we need to first start with why. In 2017, nearly a quarter of billion users logged onto the internet for the first time, and the number of users is already up 7 percent year-over-year in 2018. Social media sees 11 new users a second, and the average person is estimated spend at least six hours a day online. Worldwide, there is expected to be an estimated six to seven devices per person globally, and 13 per person inside the US, by 2020. So why is any of that important?

The answer is simple: revenue. Almost all companies have websites that they use to attract and interact with customers, and e-commerce earned nearly $1.5 trillion in 2017. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, you could be losing nearly a quarter of your visitors. Just one second of delay equates to an 11 percent loss of page views and a 7 percent reduction in conversions. A study conducted by Ericsson showed that a few seconds of video buffering can trigger the same increase in anxiety levels as watching a horror movie alone or trying to solve complex math problems. All of this translates to a need for faster connections and greater capacity.

Home Sweet Digital Home

Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) has typically been held as the term for all-fiber networks that deliver services to subscriber premises – whether they be an individual home, business, or apartment. But the scope of “premise” is becoming broader as optical fiber becomes the preferred medium to reach devices deeper and further into networks than ever before. Generically dubbed Fiber-To-The-X (FTTX) applications, new “X” applications emerge every year.

At Home with Corning In-Building Networks

The network is changing. Whether its key to your businesses’ competitive edge or keeping your customers and employees connected, your network is now the fourth utility. Just like water, electricity and natural gas, the connectivity the network provides is vital to keeping your enterprise alive. Corning has evolved its solutions to not only meet the demands of today’s changing network but also allow you the flexibility and control to take advantage of future technologies. Whether a traditional LAN deployment, cellular coverage for your location or the next generation of in-building networks, Corning has the solution.

The Changing Network
Corning is always looking to the future and what that means for your network. Explore the trends you should be watching and how they will impact the future network- maybe sooner than you think.